The “E2” platform in the cloud offers us a powerful online application that frees us from expensive local servers, providing us with a 356/24 service of high quality and benefits. Application that easily connects with customer management programs, ensuring that the desired information flows in real time to each of the labels. Solution hosted on powerful servers with the guarantee of having all the security systems and backup copies approved in the EU so that your data is safe and always available.

Our tags and base stations have the most advanced technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, QR and E-Ink. With Wifi and Bluetooth base stations we will achieve optimal wireless connectivity. With the NFC and QR applications we will offer all the additional information we want, associated with each label and with the latest generation E-Ink technology we will have an excellent view of the information on each label, while saving maximum energy with its battery of more than 5 years duration under normal conditions of use.


Intelligent electronic tag system in the cloud

SaaS system, no local installation required

  • Online solution in the cloud, uninterrupted service 24/7.
  • Unlimited capacity through server expansion.
  • Cloud application = Cost savings in software and hardware.

Powerful template editor

  • Customization of templates for every need and business.
  • Visual and free editing, preview in real time.

  • Huge library of templates, unlimited fonts, multi-language text.

  • Flexible activation.

Unlimited expansion

  • Totally modular system that allows any expansion need.

  • Great capacity, volume and speed of information processing.

  • A single system supports millions of smart electronic tags.

Open interface

  • More than 200 API interfaces (the most open interface).

  • It supports different types of ERP, API and custom development with specific needs.

Data security

  • Cloud data storage records.

  • Professional 128-bit AES encryption in the cloud.

  • Server with security and EU standards.

Continuous development

  • It provides new functions to software and hardware.

  • Server sized to the needs of customers.

  • Development of specific applications.

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